Ali’s Story

Until her forties Ali had been overweight for most of her life. She wasn’t unfit but followed a rather random pattern of a swim here, a long walk there and aerobics once a week. Diets would regularly start each Monday and finish by Tuesday with promises to herself that the next week will be ‘the one’.

A change in her personal circumstances finally kicked her into action, and she lost 3 stone and became fitter. By 2013 she’d been the same slimmer weight for 15 years and had taken up running the previous year.

But she always wanted to do better and visited every nutritionist and fitness guru she could find. However, nothing seemed to provide that magic answer she was seeking. How could she apparently eat so little and exercise so much and yet remain the same weight, with little improvement in her running times?

“Then came along MEE-FIT. We hit it off immediately. Here at last I had found basic, no nonsense down to earth ideas. Ideas backed up by painstaking research and science, and most of all myth busting. I found that I could talk to the MEE-FIT coaches for hours about questions which had me puzzled all my life, and so much of it was so simple – eating more protein leads to building more muscle.”

Unlike many of our clients Ali’s focus is on running rather than lifting. So, we have worked on ways to use strength training to improve her running.

“Three years on I am a different person. Thanks to MEE-FITs nutritional advice I have managed to lose that last stone which had always defeated me previously, and such has been the quality of the information received that I could do it without tracking. I don’t track what I eat, but it was simple. I already had a good grasp of portion size and tons of will power but I changed my focus to protein. Every meal was built around protein and it has worked wonders.”

“Then there is my arm definition. Yes, I finally have shapely arms – in my late fifties!”

Her running has astonished her, with Ali still not being able to believe what her new body can do.

Image courtesy of Charlotte Giddings Photography

“I am hitting times which I never thought possible. This from someone who never ran at all until I hit middle age. I put it down to a combination of weight loss, strength building and of course a lot of help from MEE-FIT with my mental crises each time I have an important run. But the highest praise of all I can give to MEE-FIT is their unfailing patience and understanding. The coaches are wise way beyond their years and however much I moan about my never ending niggles or my sometimes defeatist mind set, they will always listen and encourage. The coaches makes me believe that I can be awesome, they even made me believe that I could do a static jump onto a ridiculously high box…and I did it!”

“Going to MEE-FIT has changed my life extraordinarily for the better”

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