James’s Story

James had always traditionally been a cardio fan.

“Having piled on a lot of pounds many years back, I set myself a challenge to lose the weight, and run a marathon. I’ve kept this cardio routine for the last 7+ years – mainly now hill / fell running, with some road riding thrown in for good measure.

I was doing a number of adventure race events, from 10 miles to 30 miles and throwing in different runs to keep things mixed up.”

But despite how much cardio James did, he never seemed to achieve the body shape he was looking for.

James after the Man vs Lakes, 2017

“It wasn’t that cardio wasn’t working for me – but I just wasn’t happy with the results I was getting body wise. My weight was static at around 14 stone, I had very little upper body strength, and I didn’t have the body image or confidence I was looking for.  I also felt that my excess weight was a blocker to my pace & endurance, and no matter how much I ran, this didn’t matter?

Given a lot of these adventure races also require some upper body strength for certain obstacles, I struggled at times! Add to that my lack of understanding about nutrition and diet – I was on a road to nowhere!”

James saw lots of posts on Facebook from us at MEE-FIT, and had read numerous reviews from people who were having great success working with us.

James knew he needed to do something different to achieve his desired look, but knew that joining a gym and going it alone wouldn’t be the best for him.

“Recognising that I had no idea where to start at the gym, jumping into a standard gym membership would have been fruitless, and ended in failure. As soon as I saw MEE-FIT were taking lads, and at a time that would fit in to my schedule, I wanted to give it a go! Hope was I could lose some weight, gain some strength and feel better for it!”

Gladly for James, he found MEE-FIT was exactly what he was looking for – a personal plan in a small group environment.

James (right) with two other members of #teamMEEFIT, meeting for a morning run

“Everyone at MEE-FIT has their own goals and ambitions, but all are united by a common purpose – simply to get fit & have fun! This comes through at every training session – 6am or 6pm, makes no difference! I genuinely enjoy training, and the social aspect of the sessions.

Combine this with the knowledge & support given by the personal trainers, and you’re on to a winner.  Knowing that you’ve got the support of the team to push you to achieve results that seemed impossible if a real motivator”

James (3rd from right) really enjoys the small group personal training environment

James was really pleased with the personal attention and coaching we deliver to our clients. We pride ourselves on delivering personal training in a small group setting, which is exactly what enabled James to achieve the fantastic results he has done.

“The team takes the time to clearly understand the requirements, motivations, strengths & weaknesses off all their clients. It really doesn’t matter what stage of your fitness journey you are on, they’ll help you smash it – and come back for more!”

James has been extremely pleased with the results he’s achieved, both inside and outside the gym.

James’ 6 month progress

He would be the first to tell you that initially his upper body strength was very limited. His desk based job, combined with primarily long distance cardio exercise, had left his upper body not in the best way in terms of strength.

He really struggled with bodyweight exercises initially, such as chin ups or press ups.

“I felt a single chin up was out of reach, to think I’d ever be doing 3 sets of 8, with weight attached was never in my head!

Combine this with the multiple achievements I feel I’ve made on deadlifts / bench press / squats I could go on for ever. And that’s just strength, having also lost 2 stone, I feel fitter and stronger than ever before! I never expected I’d achieve such results!”

If James’s story has motivated you to start your own fitness journey contact us here or check out our 30 day trial

James in one of our Olympic Lifting sessions

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