Charlottes’s Story

Prior to joining MEE-FIT Charlotte had always been a keen runner.

“Running was the only form of exercise I was really doing – it was cheap and convenient to go out when I could be motivated to go. I’ve done 3 marathons so far, and was meant to be doing it in 2018, but due to a very busy work schedule I’ve deferred until 2019.

Charlotte after finishing the London Marathon 2017

Running also to me justified the amount of carbs I was eating too. I’d been a veggie for 7-8 years, which consisted primarily of carbs. I’m not a veggie anymore, but when I was I felt I needed to run to work off all the carbs”

However despite Charlotte’s love of running she found this wasn’t enough for her.

“I love running in winter especially the crisp mornings and when work is not so intense. 

However as a photographer, wedding session is really full on – photographing a wedding can be up to 12 hours shooting, and then a lot of time at the computer after.

Charlotte smashing out a set of bodyweight press ups

More so in the summer I find exercising much harder. Each year the summer holidays for the kids creep up and finding the time to be able to work is hard enough with three little ones in tow, and therefore exercise was further down my forever growing ‘to do’ list.

To “prioritise” a run over doing some work, or going out with the kids as I had not seen them properly for a few days was not an option for the school holidays especially. Before I knew it I had a horrible thought that I have not been for a run for 2 weeks and felt very guilty!

Charlotte with some kettlebell swings

I have always been an active person – played hockey religiously every weekend at school, along with training in the week too and I loved running then also. To not do any exercise gets me down. I like the space to have some time alone, burn some energy and get endorphins going!”

Charlotte had always known about us at MEE-FIT, having known Coach Shan & Dan for a number of years and taking the professional pictures when we first opened our doors back in 2016.

However she’d never had the confidence to take the plunge and start working with us.

“I saw the MEE-FIT 30 day trial advertised on Facebook and was considering signing up but was umm-ing and argh-ing if could I do it?

However I saw some pictures of Coach Shan on holiday and her physique inspired me to get in touch. 

Unknown to me, my good friend Suzy had done the same and signed up. Suzy messaged me one evening and said ‘I have signed up for the MEE-FIT trial and I start next week!’

I thought right lets do it! Suzy is doing this and then so can I and we can motivate each other!”

Charlotte, and of course Suzy, both absolutely loved their initial 30 days with us and decided to continue with us after their trial with a membership (you can read all about Suzy’s time with us here.)

MEE-FIT Coaches Dan & Shannen on Suzy’s wedding day, with Charlotte and two other members of #teamMEEFIT

‘I love so many things about MEE-FIT!’ were Charlotte’s words when asked about us

“I love the atmosphere. They’ve created such a great environment to workout in.  The encouragement from Dan and Shan is amazing. You really feel like you are being personally trained by the coaches, but in such a supportive and friendly environment

I love the routine it has given me and made me stop making “excuses” not to do exercise.

Charlotte loves the friendly and supportive environment at MEE-FIT

Back in September 2017 there is no way I would have thought of getting up at 5.30 and going out for a run! Now I do not think twice – alarm is set and I’m at the gym for 6!

The most remarkable thing I have noticed this wedding session already is the strength I have. At the end of a wedding, now I just feel tired because I have worked all day. Last year my back would hurt at the end of a wedding after carrying all my equipment around with me all day – but not anymore!

No more bad back for Charlotte

Now I walk better, my legs are stronger, my core is tighter and my back is stronger too. I feel great when working instead of thinking ‘ouch my back hurts’!

I feel great after a session, I have worked hard in the gym amongst friends and had a laugh along the way. I have made more friends and contacts too!

My Dad also has personal training sessions at MEE-FIT and I can see the difference it has made to him too. It is great to see him looking so confident! We chat regularly about what achievements we have at the gym.”

Charlotte has achieved many great things in her 10 months with us so far, too many to list. But her words sum up her favourite achievements nicely;

“Never in this world would I have thought back in September, I would have deadlifted 100kg and squat 80kg!

Charlotte performing bodyweight chin ups – something she never thought she’d be able to achieve

Numbers and weights aside, I am REALLY happy with how my physique is at the moment especially after having three kids and I actually have started to like my body again!

I am super proud that I have made exercise a priority again in my life – I do not even think about it now, I get up early to get to the gym for 6am three times a week religiously. 

By booking in your gym sessions it certainly makes you go but I just really enjoy having the routine now. I am still getting in some running and my fitness is still there which is great too!”

If Charlotte’s story has motivated you to start your own fitness journey contact us here or check out our 30 day trial.

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