Sarah’s Story

Prior to joining MEE-FIT Sarah had tried most of the usual weight loss diets out there, to no avail. 

“I had tried most of the diet groups, mainly Slimming World but I’d also given Weight Watchers a try as well as spending a fortune on Janeplan & Slimfast.  Nothing worked and exercise had never taken any part in my life!

I’d always told myself that working 12-14 hour days & spending long periods of time on my feet meant I didn’t NEED exercise.  I was soon proven wrong!  These ‘diet’ plans did work for me on a very short term basis – with all of them I lost a bit of weight but found it impossible to sustain the eating habits they condoned.  Within a few months I had regained all weight I’d lost and a bit more too!”

Sarah in March 2017, prior to her time with MEE-FIT

There were a few events in the middle of 2017 which made Sarah realise that she really needed to make a change;

“In August last year (2017) Simon & I, along with my sister & brother in law, attempted to walk up Snowdon!  I had an epic fail, not even managing to climb the Tarmac road, let alone reach the beginning of the actual path!  I had a whole day (whilst the other 3 successfully completed the climb) to contemplate what I had allowed myself to become!

Sarah in her first few weeks with MEE-FIT – baggy polo shirts were the order of the day

Just prior to this I had been told my blood pressure was extremely high.  I decided something had to change & the fast approaching big 50 was the final catalyst for a massive life change!

As if by magic MEE-FIT appeared on my Facebook feed, and I saw a space for their 30 day trial! I rang them the following day, insisting to him that a gym wasn’t for me, that I’d probably only do the 30 days if that, that I was beyond help & that I didn’t do Lycra! Their positive, knowledgable, professional & patient attitude persuaded me to just give it a go!”

Sarah working on press ups under the watchful eye of Coach Shan

As with most new members who join us, Sarah was extremely nervous about getting started;

“I truly had no idea what to expect.  I had never been a member of a gym before and never had a personal trainer. Everyone, without exception, was welcoming, supportive & encouraging.  At no point have I been made to feel fat, unfit or ashamed in anyway of what I’d allowed myself to become! 

Sarah after one of her first small group personal training sessions

I love the team spirit at MEE-FIT – everyone is there for the same reason and everyone helps, encourages & supports each other! I have made new friends and really look forward to small group personal training and team training sessions!”

Sarah’s progress from October 17 – July 18

The changes Sarah has made since getting started with us in September 2017 have been nothing short of astonishing;

“Within 7 weeks of joining I had lost weight and my blood pressure was normal.  I have to date lost 4st 41b (June 18), but, to be honest, this is not what I feel is the biggest achievement! 

Front view of Sarah’s progress from October 17 – July 18

I have, with support of the MEE-FIT coaches & every single one of my fellow MEE-FITers, totally transformed my life!  I eat healthily on a daily basis, not rewarding myself with food or succumbing to regular ‘black hole days’ (days off the diet where I literally used to inhale food). I understand how what I eat affects my body, on days off work & the gym I go for long walks and attempt to get as much physical movement in as possible rather than sitting on my backside eating crisps, watching TV, telling myself ‘I deserve to do that because I’ve been busy all week!'”

Sarah & her husband Simon working hard in their personal training sessions

What’s even more amazing is that Sarah has inspired her husband Simon to join #teamMEEFIT too, and they now are sharing this journey together. 

“Any concerns were soon overcome, having someone so close to you ‘gymming’ with you actually makes it easier! We encourage & support each other in and out of the gym.” 

If Sarah’s story has motivated you to start your own fitness journey contact us here or check out our 30 day trial.