Carol’s Story

Carol is another #teamMEEFIT member who’s prior weight loss efforts had been focused around various dieting groups;

“Before MEE-FIT I was stuck on the cycle of weight watchers which had involved me losing weight then gaining it then losing it again for 14 years. Last December I had enough – I felt rubbish, was always tired and aching and hated how I looked – just felt I was getting old, fat and slow!”

“I think the reason it wasn’t working was that it was a repetitive and tiresome routine.”

Carol (middle) during one of our nutritional presentations

Carol had seen online some of the previous life changing results we had shared (which you can read about by clicking here, here or here) and thought she would give it a try for herself. 

“What I enjoy about MEE-FIT is no matter how bad your days been or what worries you have when I walk through the door it’s my time.

Carol during her small group personal training session, under the guidance of Coach Dan

Every time I’ve been it makes a difference – I have never gone home after and thought ‘oh I didn’t work very hard at the gym tonight’ which is how I’ve been at every other gym I’ve joined over the years. The support we all receive from our coaches is fantastic. 

There is no room for slackers at MEE-FIT, but everyone always does their best and is personally trained in a way which suits their goals and fitness level.”

Carol smashing out a set of press ups – an exercise she can now do with ease!

Carol has found the supportive atmosphere created at MEE-FIT a big part of why she’s stuck to the gym for the first time in her life;

“If you persevere you will definitely get results. The friendship and comaraderie is amazing and heart warming.

The MEE-FIT coaching team have a wonderful ability to makes us all feel special with their continuous encouragement and personal attention.”

Carol loves the positive and supportive atmosphere that we have created

The enjoyment and personal attention Carol has received has helped her massively change her body shape;

“I’ve gone from just over 12st at the start of my time with MEE-FIT to 10st 11lb, around 1st 3lb lost. 

I’ve lost a total of 4.5 inches from my chest, 3.25 inches from my waist, 3.5 inches from my stomach and 3.25 inches around my thighs.”

Carol (left) after a #teamMEEFIT training session

What are you most proud of we asked Carol…

“Myself! Finally (slowly but surely) I am starting to like myself – not every day but I can feel and see the difference in myself and look forward to continuing to improve.

It’s not easy and sometimes the days after working out I hurt but the difference it makes to everyday tasks is life changing – my husband says I bounce round the house now! And move a lot faster.”

If Carol’s story has motivated you to start your own fitness journey contact us here or check out our 30 day trial.