Cindy’s Story

Prior to starting with MEE-FIT in April 2018 Cindy had already begun her weight loss journey;

“I had reached a point at the end of 2017 where I realised I desperately needed to do something about my weight.

Over many years I had slowly piled on the pounds. Most of the time I knew what I was eating was unhealthy but I didn’t care as I couldn’t see how I was ever going to shift the weight.

Cindy adding weight to her barbell before her next set – something which she never thought she’d be doing

I thought that this was how I was going to stay, and accepted it, though I wasn’t happy. Somehow I managed to get my head in the right place and decided that as of the 1st January 2018 I WAS going on a diet and WAS going to lose weight and become fit and healthy just like I used to be before I had children!

So on 1st January I started on a diet which was 2 protein meal replacements a day with a low calorie, healthy meal at night. This was working quite well for a while and a couple of stone soon came off. However, this wasn’t sustainable for too long. I was also going to a gym and doing some cardio work and I was feeling fitter. But I knew I needed something more otherwise I might have given up.”

At this point Cindy knew she needed to start working with someone to continue making progress with her weight loss and fitness. She started looking around the local area for other gyms or personal trainers and came across us at MEE-FIT.

“I was really curious and kept looking at posts and photos on Facebook. Being quite overweight, the thought of going to a gym full of lean, fit and strong people was really daunting! That’s how I felt and how I thought it would be. Now I know I had nothing to worry about at all! 

What gave me that nudge to contact MEE-FIT was a Facebook post with details about their 30 day trial. This was the perfect opportunity to give it a go without committing to it long term, in case I hated it!”

Cindy performing dumbbell squats under the watchful eye of her MEE-FIT Coach

But we were so pleased to hear that after just a week or two Cindy knew that she’d found the right place for her. 

“From the very first time I walked through the door I felt comfortable. I never felt I was being stared at or judged by the coaches or other members. At the start, I struggled to do what the other members were doing, but the coaches adjusted each exercise according to what I was capable of and encouraged me constantly.

Cindy performing barbell back squats – when she first started with us she couldn’t do a bodyweight squat without holding on for support

Gradually, what I could manage was increasing week by week. Before long I seemed to be keeping up with everyone else and having a great laugh along the way. I have to say that it’s not just the coaches, but also the other members that makes MEE-FIT such an amazing place!

The encouragement everyone gives each other is fantastic. I’ve never experienced this anywhere else and it truly makes a difference. I really look forward to going to my training sessions – I think I’ve become quite addicted. I like being encouraged and pushed to work that bit harder and lift a bit heavier.

The difference in me now compared to when I started in mid April is unbelievable! I remember looking at other members and thinking ‘I’ll never be able to do that’ but now I am!”

Cindy (right) performing walking lunges – another exercise which was impossible initially without holding on for support

Thinking back to the beginning of Cindy’s journey, she knew the way she was eating was never going to work for her long term. So the nutritional advice and support she receives from her MEE-FIT coaches is another big part what makes MEE-FIT so special to her. 

“It’s not only the physical training that I get at MEE-FIT, I know that I can ask anything about nutrition too. I have learnt so much from the coaches about what I should be eating. And I have managed to change my way of thinking towards food completely in a way that is sustainable for life.  

Since the 1st of January I’ve lost 5.5 stone of which 3.5 stone I’ve lost since being at MEE-FIT. But I’ve not just got thinner, I’ve toned up and got solid muscle for the first time ever! I feel healthier, fitter, stronger and more confident. And I have gained a gym family too!

Cindy (right) during one of her small group personal training – having fun and enjoying her training is a big part of what Cindy enjoys about MEE-FIT

When asked for a quick summary on MEE-FIT this is what Cindy had to say;

“Words cannot really describe how amazing this place is. I just hope that if you are reading this, it might just push you in to coming along and seeing for yourself!  It’s was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! I love every minute and always look forward to my next session.”

If Cindy’s story has motivated you to start your own fitness journey contact us here or check out our 30 day trial.