Loquita’s Story

Before working with MEE-FIT Loquita (Keets) main form of fitness was running. She’d done lots of 5ks and one 10k as best as she could but felt that it was very poor, and she generally felt sluggish. Although she didn’t feel like she was overly good at  running she did stick to it as she enjoyed it.

However, this was causing the typical problem of thinking if you’ve exercised you can pretty much eat whatever you want;

‘In my mind if I ran 5k in a morning I deserved the food I ate, and the snacks I had for the rest of the day. I had used My Fitness Pal on and off but I had my head in the sand and believed in the old “if I don’t account for it and see it in black and white then the calories don’t count!”’

Keets during one of her #teamMEEFIT training sessions

Keets had been feeling quite low about her weight and body shape for a few years;

“All my life I had never had to worry about my weight, even after having 2 kids I was back in a size 10 in just a couple of weeks both times. Having gained so much weight was shocking to me.

I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid about 8 years ago and started to use that as my excuse for weight gain. The truth about that is I am medicated daily for it, making my body’s metabolism about the same as anyone else’s, so telling myself that it was my metabolism that was the issue was just a load of codswallop!

Something was always at the back of my mind that it was down to me and I knew I could get fitter again; I just didn’t know how.”

Keets performing an upper body strength exercise during a small group personal training session

Keets then started seeing posts from MEE-FIT on her Facebook page and something intrigued her;

‘I, as most people, was scared to join a gym, feeling ashamed of my body. Then I noticed Sarah had joined and was looking absolutely fabulous, and happy!

(You can read more about Sarah’s journey by clicking here)

So, I decided it would do no harm to go and have a chat with one of the coaches. I just needed to start feeling better about myself, and not look in the mirror disappointed and unhappy.’

Keets performing a handstand during a bodyweight skills session

Keets got started with a 30 day trial back in Juy 2018, and quickly realised that MEE-FIT is exactly what she’d hoped it would be;

‘What makes MEE-FIT so special is the people. Without doubt. I mean yes, I am so, so happy the way my body shape is changing and weight is going down but what makes MEE-FIT so blinking awesome is the people.

The coaches, so supportive, knowledgeable, great fun and taskmasters! Always coming up with new ideas. The other members, crazy, happy bunch, I’ve made some fab friends, had some great laughs, and some tantrums with them all.

The atmosphere is so friendly. No posers making you feel inadequate and out of place. I go most days because I genuinely just like to be there.

Keets (middle) with her team at the MEE-FIT Spring games

I would recommend MEE-FIT because they are all about helping you, no matter what it is that you need. You are an individual to the coaches, not just a member signing in to do a workout. You and your abilities, no matter how basic or superb, are looked at, thought about and built upon. I wish I could tell people just how inviting and friendly the place is!’

Keets has really taken to the MEE-FIT ethos when it comes to health and fitness and has achieved some amazing things in her 12 months training with us.

‘I think what I’m most proud of would be the fact I am actually better at running – faster, not struggling with it so much and recovering quicker and easier. It’s made something I enjoyed doing into something I love doing.

I’m proud that I can deadlift, I’m proud that I can squat, I’m proud that I can bench press, and always improving, a little but always. I’m proud that I’m feeling better about myself. I’m proud that I’m going to be able to chin up soon! And I’m proud that there will always be more goals for me to achieve.’

Keets practicing her chin ups – an exercise she is very close to performing unassisted!

Keets final message about MEE-FIT was this;

‘I think all I can say is thank you so much for being the gym you are #morethanjustagym.

It’s hard work, but it is definitely worth it. MEE-FIT is part of my life.’

If Loquita’s story has motivated you to start your own fitness journey contact us here or check out our 30 day trial.