Karolina’s Story

Unlike many of our members, before working with us Karolina was doing some exercise. She used to do some running, and took herself though some high intensity interval sessions;

“Although I was doing some exercise, I wasn’t really pushing myself and it was very samey. Because I did it on my own it wasn’t much fun either.”

Karolina with some reverse lunges, under the watchful eye of her one of her MEE-FIT personal trainers – Emily

Then in Summer 2018 Karolina was on holiday in Ibiza and saw something on Facebook which caught her attention;

“I was laying on a sun bed and saw a photo of my friend Hannah Maciver on MEE-FIT’s Facebook page. I couldn’t believe how toned her back was.

The image of Karolina’s friend Hannah which inspired her to get in touch with us

I had been feeling unfit, sluggish and unhappy with myself for a while and I was so ready for a change.”

Whilst still away on holiday Karolina got in touch with us and decided to get herself signed up to our 30 day trial

“From day 1 the support and encouragement from not only the MEE-FIT coaches but also the other members has been incredible. 

It’s personal training but in a very small group with lovely supportive people. Everyone works to his or her ability but we all improve and I’ve achieved things, like press ups and chin ups, that I never thought I’d do.

Karolina working hard during our Spring Games, 2019

The great coaching I received, as well as the fantastic camaraderie amongst the members is reason I’ve actually stuck to it and not given up like I have done with other exercises. I enjoy it so much and it doesn’t feel like “hard work”

Not only is Karolina pleased with the changes she’s seen in regards to her strength and fitness, but also the changes to her body shape;

Karolina’s changes after working with us for around 6 months

“I could never have achieved this level of fitness or the change in my body change without the support of the MEE-FIT Coaches. I feel fitter, healthier and happier than I have done for years.

Karolina working on her upper body strength with a kettlebell press

I can’t quite describe the massive difference it’s made to my life and how I feel. It’s no comparison, how I feel now compared to how I felt this time last year. 

6 months of training with MEE-FIT

If you want to see a real change in your body and fitness then this is the place to join!”

If Karolina’s story has motivated you to start your own fitness journey contact us here or check out our 30 day trial.