Debbie’s Story

Prior to training with us at MEE-FIT Deb was primarily keeping fit by swimming and occasional aerobic classes;

“I was a member at another local gym, but only ended up swimming as I didn’t feel comfortable in the gym, feeling very intimidated when in there on my own. 

Deb performing single arm kettlebell swings during a personal training session

When I first joined they worked out a training plan for me but then I seemed to be left to my own devices. I wasn’t sure if I was doing things correctly or not, and very quickly got bored with it.”

Deb knew she wanted to do more exercise and push her fitness that little bit further, but wasn’t sure how to go about it;

“I saw a post from MEE-FIT on Facebook which had so many positive comments from their members which really caught my eye.

Deb having a giggle with other MEE-FIT members during a small group personal training session

I saw they offered a 30 day trial and thought why not give it a try. I didn’t know anyone who trained at MEE-FIT at the time, but liked the idea of a more personalised approach.”

Deb completed her 30 day trial with us back in November 2017, and has been a member with us ever since;

“I just loved it from the off set! It is so different to other gyms where you can feel intimidated by other stronger members. Everyone looks out for everyone at MEE-FIT. We’re like a big family, there is so much encouragement from the coaches & the other members that you can’t help but improve & get fitter.”

Deb has made some great friends during her 2 years training with us

When Deb started with us she struggled massively with lower back pain, which she was very concerned about damaging further;

“I can’t explain the difference in my back since starting. One of the things I’m most pleased with is my deadlifts! When I first started I really struggled with these and it took a long time for me to master them. I was very concerned about  hurting my back lifting weights. But with the encouragement & support of the coaches I actually look forward to “deadlift” day!”

Deb enjoys the personalised attention she receives from the MEE-FIT coaching team

When we asked Deb for her final words on MEE-FIT for anyone who is thinking of getting started with us she had this to say;

MEE-FIT is an amazing place! I love the coaches and all the members.

I never thought I’d say this but I actually really miss it when I’m away & always look forward to getting back in to the gym when I’m back.

I’ve made some great friends since I joined the gym and there never goes a session where you don’t come out feeling positive about what you’ve achieved plus having a giggle with an amazing bunch of guys.”

If Debbie’s story has motivated you to start your own fitness journey contact us here or check out our 30 day trial.