Lindsey’s Story

Prior to starting with MEE-FIT Lindsey had been working with a personal trainer for around 3 months;

‘I found the one to one personal training too intense. I had started to see changes but I wasn’t looking forward to the sessions.

I also tried to book regular sessions but I was finding availability was sometimes an issue.’

Lindsey had previously been in to chat with us about what we do, but wasn’t quite sure if MEE-FIT was for her;

‘I wasn’t sure if MEE-FIT was a bit too serious for me. I didn’t really have much weight to lose, just wanted to tone up a little. I knew I needed to become healthier and I wanted to gain muscle, but I wasn’t sure how this would work for me after seeing lots of people losing large amounts of weight on MEE-FIT social media.’

Lindsey waiting for her turn during our MEE-FIT Games, Spring 2019

However, Lindsey decided to give our 30 day trial a go back in April 2018, and has been a member with us ever since;

‘Throughout my 30 day trial I was made to feel really welcome. It was very clear to see the team sprit.

Everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy the sessions. I knew after my first couple of sessions I was definitely signing up to a membership.

I think when I started I messed around a little bit still eating what I wanted and only training twice a week. I was always encouraged and advised by the coaches about little changes I could make to help me reach my goals, but there was no pressure.

Lindsey during our Reindeer ring toss on our Christmas eve session, 2019

Eventually because you’re surrounded by people striving for the same end goal, to feel better about themselves, you can’t help but start to invest in yourself and get involved.’

Since what Lindsey may describe as a ‘slow start’ to her time with MEE-FIT, she’s gone on to achieve some pretty amazing things;

‘Since starting my training with MEE-FIT 18 months ago I’ve lost over a stone in weight and gained a great amount of muscle.

I now train 5 days a week at 6am and recently received a “dedicated to fitness“ award for my effort!

Lindsey after event 1 during our Summer Games, 2019

I’m thankful to both the MEE-FIT coaches and members for helping me to find a love for exercising.’

This doesn’t even touch on the huge strength and fitness improvements Lindsey has seen, with her now smashing out body weight press ups for fun. 

There were many things about MEE-FIT which Lindsey found different to what she’s previously experienced with fitness/gyms;

‘MEE-FIT is the perfect combination of personal training and fitness classes. I like that the sessions are planned and structured. The sessions change every few weeks which stops me getting bored! Of course the sessions are hard work, but somehow they’re enjoyable too.

Part of that is due to the social side. We have great fun in the sessions, everyone supports each other and pushes each other. The coaches do a great job of organising events outside of our gym sessions – such as the MEE-FIT Games and the Christmas meal – which are always so much fun.

Lindsey (2nd from right) sat with other MEE-FIT members after our 2019 Summer Games

The coaches are excellent at delivering bite size information which is practical and I can fit in to my lifestyle. I’ve been to a few seminars about nutrition which have all been really helpful!

I also like that the coaches keep checking in with me to make sure I’m happy with my progress. There is always encouragement to set new goals!’

When asked for a final comment on MEE-FIT Lindsey had this to say;

‘I’m so glad I joined, I’ve never looked back and achieved far more than I could have imagined.’

If Lindsey’s story has motivated you to start your own fitness journey contact us here or check out our 30 day trial.