Russell’s Story

Prior starting with MEE-FIT Russell had been involved in various forms of exercise and martial arts, but more recently hadn’t been engaging in much exercise;

“Immediately prior to trying MEE-FIT I had a period of “off and on ” activity due to injury and lack of motivation.

This combined with poor eating habits had lead to a general apathy, lack of fitness and weight gain.”

As with many of our members, going it alone in regards to his fitness didn’t seem to be working for Russell;

“Training on my own meant I lacked variety and motivation and my eating habits were based on what I liked rather than what was good for me.”

Russell performing some knee raises during our Christmas Eve session

Russell knew he needed to do something different if he was to make the changes to his body shape and fitness which he desired;

“Sitting on the sofa and looking through Facebook, whilst snacking, I saw an advert asking for men over 50 who wanted to make a change to take a look at MEE-FIT.

This coincided with a photo I had seen of myself looking totally out of shape and I guess it gave me the prompt I needed to get off my butt!”

Russell adding some weight to his bar before bench press

After seeing the advert Russell decided to get in touch with us and the rest, as they say, is history;

“I gave MEE-FIT a call and spoke to Dan and he made it sound like the kind of thing I was looking for. It seems a bit cliché but when I first walked through the door I knew I was about to embark on something different.

This wasn’t a glitzy gym full of lycra but a gym full of smiling happy people working hard but seemingly enjoying what they were doing.

Russell chatting with fellow MEE-FIT members Paul & Chris before his personal training session

I started my 30 day trial and found everyone very welcoming and keen to see me enjoy my journey. The small group format and mixed sessions provide constant variation with time taken to ensure I always maintain form , whilst allowing me to work at my pace.

The coaches and other members are great and every session combines high quality exercise with humour and team spirit.”

Since starting with MEE-FIT in back in July 2019 Russell has made some absolutely incredible progress;

“My main goals when starting were decreasing my bodyweight and body fat levels and improving my strength and fitness, and I can certainly say I’ve done that. 

I’ve lost around 10kg in weight and seen massive reductions in my body fat percentage and increased muscle mass.

Russell and fellow MEE-FIT member Barbara being coached through their warm up by Coach Dan

I feel 20 years younger and my wife says she has never seen me look so good. We’ve been married almost eighteen years and she has never seen me this slim, except from photos when I was a very young guy. 

Not only has my wife noticed huge changes in my shape, but she also feels I am more motivated, more patient, more upbeat and positive and more full of life. 

Basically, I’m less of a moody bas**** according to her! Making her a much happier wife. 

Can’t be bad in just over 6 months.”

When asked for a final comment on MEE-FIT Russell had this to say;

“I truly believe that MEE-FIT can get you where you want to be . Couch potato or fitness regular they can help you make the changes you are looking for.

Russell with some kettlebell rows during his personal training session

Here’s to the next six months and beyond. A big thank you to the coaches and the other members for helping me enjoy training more than ever.”

If Russell’s story has motivated you to start your own fitness journey contact us here or check out our 30 day trial.