Will’s Story

Before working with MEE-FIT Will wasn’t doing much in terms of keeping himself fit;

“I would run from time to time and have had periods of going to different gyms but I would never stick to it. 

My real issue was my lack of consistency. I never had a set out routine that I would follow. One major problem with my previous “gym experience” is that I didn’t really know what I was doing! 

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What is Small Group Personal Training?

Over the last few years there’s been a huge rise in the popularity of Small Group Personal Training (SGPT).

We’re proud to be the first gym to bring this to the North Shropshire/South Cheshire area, and have been mastering the craft for the past 3 and a 1/2 years, with many gyms now trying to replicate our blueprint.

But there’s still lots of confusion in regard to what it is and how it works.

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Russell’s Story

Prior starting with MEE-FIT Russell had been involved in various forms of exercise and martial arts, but more recently hadn’t been engaging in much exercise;

“Immediately prior to trying MEE-FIT I had a period of “off and on ” activity due to injury and lack of motivation.

This combined with poor eating habits had lead to a general apathy, lack of fitness and weight gain.”

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Lindsey’s Story

Prior to starting with MEE-FIT Lindsey had been working with a personal trainer for around 3 months;

‘I found the one to one personal training too intense. I had started to see changes but I wasn’t looking forward to the sessions.

I also tried to book regular sessions but I was finding availability was sometimes an issue.’

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Debbie’s Story

Prior to training with us at MEE-FIT Deb was primarily keeping fit by swimming and occasional aerobic classes;

“I was a member at another local gym, but only ended up swimming as I didn’t feel comfortable in the gym, feeling very intimidated when in there on my own. 

Deb performing single arm kettlebell swings during a personal training session

When I first joined they worked out a training plan for me but then I seemed to be left to my own devices. I wasn’t sure if I was doing things correctly or not, and very quickly got bored with it.

I attempted some of their classes, but it was all a little fast paced for me and my knees didn’t like it. I never felt like it was tailored to me and my fitness level, so I quickly gave those up too.”

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Mandy’s Story

Before joining MEE-FIT Mandy had not done any regular exercise for nearly 30 years. 

“I was kidding myself that the daily dog walk round the block was keeping me fit. Having a bit of a midlife moment I was persuaded by a friend to sign up to go trekking in Nepal and I knew I had to get some weight off and get more active.

I managed to get my weight down with dieting, losing 5 stone over a year and even managed the trek but my knees were shot and it exhausted me. Without the focus of the trip I knew my couch potato life would return and the weight would creep back on.

I was adamant gyms were not for me having joined several over the years but giving up after a few sessions as I struggled with my motivation. Not to mention the cost, paying for the rest of the year!”

Mandy (left) during a team training session

Mandy knew she wanted to try something different, but wasn’t sure quite what.

“I saw a Facebook post for MEE-FIT‘s 30 day trial and I was attracted because the people looked like me, not all young, muscular and super fit. I also liked the thought of somewhere local as a chance to meet more people in the local area as I work some distance from Whitchurch.”

Following on from her 30 day trial with us Mandy decided MEE-FIT was the place for her, and decided to continue with us with a membership. 

“Where do I start about MEE-FIT. I have never found a place where everyone is so friendly and supportive, the coaches and the other members welcome everyone no matter what their starting level.

Mandy enjoying a well earned break during a personal training session

The sessions are set to your personal goals and adapted to any limitation due to ability or injury. The coaches are really knowledgeable and just seem to work out how much to push and encourage to build your confidence. It is truly a personalised service.

I feel I have achieved such a lot since joining and am now able to do things I never thought possible, I am fitter now in my fifties (both mentally and physically) than I have been since my twenties. 

I joined hoping to keep my weight down but feel I have achieved so much more. I am much stronger and far more flexible and have lost weight and gained muscle but most importantly I have spent the summer in sleeveless tops and even wore a bikini on holiday (a first for me).

Mandy has seen some huge changes in her time with MEE-FIT

There is a great friendly atmosphere in the gym with lots of opportunities to join in with other things with the coaches or other members. I enjoyed the team games arranged in the summer and may even do a bit more running. Advice and support is always available on all aspect of training and nutrition from the coaches and the Facebook group is great.”

Mandy (right) having a warm embrace with her team members after our Summer Games

If Mandy’s story has motivated you to start your own fitness journey contact us here or check out our 30 day trial.

Loquita’s Story

Before working with MEE-FIT Loquita (Keets) main form of fitness was running. She’d done lots of 5ks and one 10k as best as she could but felt that it was very poor, and she generally felt sluggish. Although she didn’t feel like she was overly good at  running she did stick to it as she enjoyed it.

However, this was causing the typical problem of thinking if you’ve exercised you can pretty much eat whatever you want;

‘In my mind if I ran 5k in a morning I deserved the food I ate, and the snacks I had for the rest of the day. I had used My Fitness Pal on and off but I had my head in the sand and believed in the old “if I don’t account for it and see it in black and white then the calories don’t count!”’

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Elaine’s Story

Prior to joining MEE-FIT Elaine wasn’t doing much in the way of exercise. She’d tried various gyms across the years, but never found the right one for her;

“I did try a gym a few years ago but it only lasted a couple of months. I hated the lack of support and direction. The staff just stayed by the desk and it seemed full of people trying to impress one another. Continue reading “Elaine’s Story”

Nicky’s Story

Before working with MEE-FIT Nicky wasn’t doing much in the way of exercise. She was walking the dog regularly, but other than that not much else. She has a full time which involves her being sat down most of the day, meaning her activity levels were generally very low. The only exercise she was getting was walking her dog. 

Unfortunately this was leading to a steady rate of weight gain, so Nicky knew she needed to do something; 

“After gaining weight and getting older I was having problems with my knees and joints. A friend had just completed her 30 day trial at MEE-FIT and had decided to sign up to a membership afterwards. 

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