Loquita’s Story

Before working with MEE-FIT Loquita (Keets) main form of fitness was running. She’d done lots of 5ks and one 10k as best as she could but felt that it was very poor, and she generally felt sluggish. Although she didn’t feel like she was overly good at  running she did stick to it as she enjoyed it.

However, this was causing the typical problem of thinking if you’ve exercised you can pretty much eat whatever you want;

‘In my mind if I ran 5k in a morning I deserved the food I ate, and the snacks I had for the rest of the day. I had used My Fitness Pal on and off but I had my head in the sand and believed in the old “if I don’t account for it and see it in black and white then the calories don’t count!”’

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Elaine’s Story

Prior to joining MEE-FIT Elaine wasn’t doing much in the way of exercise. She’d tried various gyms across the years, but never found the right one for her;

“I did try a gym a few years ago but it only lasted a couple of months. I hated the lack of support and direction. The staff just stayed by the desk and it seemed full of people trying to impress one another. Continue reading “Elaine’s Story”

Nicky’s Story

Before working with MEE-FIT Nicky wasn’t doing much in the way of exercise. She was walking the dog regularly, but other than that not much else. She has a full time which involves her being sat down most of the day, meaning her activity levels were generally very low. The only exercise she was getting was walking her dog. 

Unfortunately this was leading to a steady rate of weight gain, so Nicky knew she needed to do something; 

“After gaining weight and getting older I was having problems with my knees and joints. A friend had just completed her 30 day trial at MEE-FIT and had decided to sign up to a membership afterwards. 

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Cindy’s Story

Prior to starting with MEE-FIT in April 2018 Cindy had already begun her weight loss journey;

“I had reached a point at the end of 2017 where I realised I desperately needed to do something about my weight.

Over many years I had slowly piled on the pounds. Most of the time I knew what I was eating was unhealthy but I didn’t care as I couldn’t see how I was ever going to shift the weight.

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Carol’s Story

Carol is another #teamMEEFIT member who’s prior weight loss efforts had been focused around various dieting groups;

“Before MEE-FIT I was stuck on the cycle of weight watchers which had involved me losing weight then gaining it then losing it again for 14 years. Last December I had enough – I felt rubbish, was always tired and aching and hated how I looked – just felt I was getting old, fat and slow!”

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Sarah’s Story

Prior to joining MEE-FIT Sarah had tried most of the usual weight loss diets out there, to no avail. 

“I had tried most of the diet groups, mainly Slimming World but I’d also given Weight Watchers a try as well as spending a fortune on Janeplan & Slimfast.  Nothing worked and exercise had never taken any part in my life!

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James’s Story

James had always traditionally been a cardio fan.

“Having piled on a lot of pounds many years back, I set myself a challenge to lose the weight, and run a marathon. I’ve kept this cardio routine for the last 7+ years – mainly now hill / fell running, with some road riding thrown in for good measure.

I was doing a number of adventure race events, from 10 miles to 30 miles and throwing in different runs to keep things mixed up.”

But despite how much cardio James did, he never seemed to achieve the body shape he was looking for.

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Alex’s Story

Prior to working with MEE-FIT  Alex had tried many different dieting/exercise plans, but had become frustrated with her lack of results.

“Before MEE-FIT I started a very strict diet plan I found on Facebook, which was essentially high protein and very little carbs. I did managed to lose 1.5 stone quickly but I also fell off the plan very quickly and put half a stone back on. I also tried to start exercising. I started the couch to 5k but I got 3 weeks into it and my knee started to hurt too much and I gave up. I have tried to lose weight so many times in the past and have never managed to stick to anything”

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Ali’s Story

Until her forties Ali had been overweight for most of her life. She wasn’t unfit but followed a rather random pattern of a swim here, a long walk there and aerobics once a week. Diets would regularly start each Monday and finish by Tuesday with promises to herself that the next week will be ‘the one’.

A change in her personal circumstances finally kicked her into action, and she lost 3 stone and became fitter. By 2013 she’d been the same slimmer weight for 15 years and had taken up running the previous year.

But she always wanted to do better and visited every nutritionist and fitness guru she could find. However, nothing seemed to provide that magic answer she was seeking. How could she apparently eat so little and exercise so much and yet remain the same weight, with little improvement in her running times?

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