James’s Story

James had always traditionally been a cardio fan.

“Having piled on a lot of pounds many years back, I set myself a challenge to lose the weight, and run a marathon. I’ve kept this cardio routine for the last 7+ years – mainly now hill / fell running, with some road riding thrown in for good measure.

I was doing a number of adventure race events, from 10 miles to 30 miles and throwing in different runs to keep things mixed up.”

But despite how much cardio James did, he never seemed to achieve the body shape he was looking for.

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Alex’s Story

Prior to working with MEE-FIT  Alex had tried many different dieting/exercise plans, but had become frustrated with her lack of results.

“Before MEE-FIT I started a very strict diet plan I found on Facebook, which was essentially high protein and very little carbs. I did managed to lose 1.5 stone quickly but I also fell off the plan very quickly and put half a stone back on. I also tried to start exercising. I started the couch to 5k but I got 3 weeks into it and my knee started to hurt too much and I gave up. I have tried to lose weight so many times in the past and have never managed to stick to anything”

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Ali’s Story

Until her forties Ali had been overweight for most of her life. She wasn’t unfit but followed a rather random pattern of a swim here, a long walk there and aerobics once a week. Diets would regularly start each Monday and finish by Tuesday with promises to herself that the next week will be ‘the one’.

A change in her personal circumstances finally kicked her into action, and she lost 3 stone and became fitter. By 2013 she’d been the same slimmer weight for 15 years and had taken up running the previous year.

But she always wanted to do better and visited every nutritionist and fitness guru she could find. However, nothing seemed to provide that magic answer she was seeking. How could she apparently eat so little and exercise so much and yet remain the same weight, with little improvement in her running times?

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Lora’s Story

Lora joined MEE-FIT way back in March 2016, 8 weeks after having her baby. She’d seen pictures & videos online from us, and felt that we would be the right place for her.

She’s been a member of many gyms over the years on and off, but always struggled to maintain this for long and quickly got bored.

“I never enjoyed the cardio side of exercise, and always preferred using weights to anything else. I’d often sit at home, knowing I should be at the gym but sweating at the thought of a treadmill or exercise bike! So, it was always too easy to find something else to do. This just shows how low my motivation had become but I hated coming home dripping in sweat and feeling exhausted. I didn’t realise there was another, better way to achieve your goals!”

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