Welcome to Mee-Fit

What makes MEE-FIT so different?

Personal training

Our team of coaches will deliver every session specific to your goals, abilities and current fitness levels. It’s doesn’t matter where you’re starting from, we’ll meet you where you are at.

Individual coaching

We don’t fill our gym with as many clients as possible at one time. We keep our numbers small, to ensure each client gets the attention and coaching required to achieve fantastic results. 

Expert and experienced coaches

All our coaches are highly qualified, and have years of coaching experience helping real people get real results.

Individualised nutrition support

We cut through all the nonsense out there to provide simple, but science based, nutrition advice, which is tailored to your goals, lifestyle and preferences.

30 Day Trial

Test-drive our gym, meet our coaches, experience the wonderfully supportive and friendly atmosphere.
Discover why hundreds of people get the results they’ve always wanted when they train with us.